Agents Comercials d'Importacio/Exportació

Consultoria de Comerç Internacional

Address in Manresa:

C/ Barcelona 2, 3-1

08242 - Manresa (Barcelona)

Address in Sabadell:

C/ L'Estrella 119-C, 6-1

08201 - Sabadell (Barcelona)



(+34) 607 08 68 58

AGICOMEX International Business Consultants & Agents

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Selecting and prospecting potential partners - sales channels development. Complete tailored advice and services to internationalize your business.


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We are ready to become your company's office in Barcelona. We can also be your sales agents: we market. We do it by integrating ourselves with your brand.

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Going international is a suitable way of growing a business with a product or service marketable to other countries. Do you have it? Do you wish to expand it?


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