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How do we work?

As a strategic support of your business to provide any specific help required during your internationalization process.

Adapting our service to meet the Company's needs and taking the convenient actions at every moment. Each project is unique.

We personally work on every case from start to completion, and opportunely cooperate with other convenient professionals and organistaions.


Whom do we work with?

With small and medium businesses (also with those which are still in the inicial stages of its project) and have the wish to expand internationally or need a specific support in the Southern European markets.


In what way?

Becoming part of your Company's brand and acting on its behalf.


In which markets?

Throughout more than 15 years of experience working in this field, we have developed projects in a wide range of sectors, for industrial and consumer markets mainly of Europe and also into countries of North Africa, North and Latin America, Asia and Middle East.


With which means?

The most timely available tools, supports and resources, considerably reducing the cost of the process. For this reason, in addition to the conventional means, we employ the suitable application software, international business information sources and digital marketing tools.

In matters of international trade and marketing we are specialists in achieving the objectives through the optimal means to get to results.

As consultants associated to ACC1Ó and ICEX (the public agencies for business competitiveness of Catalonia and Spain respectively) we know at first hand the variety of available financing and incentive programs in order to advise and assist the Company throughout the process.


The value of information. How do we manage it?

In addition to the submission of periodic reports, the Company have permanent access to the up-to-date information in a cloud application.


How is the project integrated into the organisation?

Advising, training and transferring all knowledge to the involved staff team, so the company joins and keeps managing the project in a total independent way.


In which moment can we be the ideal partner?

Opening up access to further markets can lead to multiple new business possibilites which, to be developed, a series of actions must be carried out. Being always and at any moment able to dispose of all resources required to make them real is practically impossible: we can be the ideal partner both to complete a particular stage of the project and to boost and make productive the new international opportunities.

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